What is 2mm finescale?

2mm finescale (2mm/ft scale 1/152) also known as 2FS is essentially the finescale version of N-gauge. Apart from being closer to prototype dimensions (absolute accuracy for things like flange depth would, at this size, be somewhat impractical) and therefore looking better than normal N-gauge, it is a defined and consistent standard developed by the 2mm Scale Association over many years and so tends to give more reliable running.

This is one of the things which attracted me to 2mm finescale as against N-gauge: having previously modelled in 4mm (OO-gauge) and 7mm (O-gauge/Scaleseven) the idea of a consisent and proven standard, particularly for wheels and track, is an attractive one. Looking at the wheels of ready to run stock from different manufacturers in any scale will reveal that they all use slightly different profiles and standards which can only lead to less reliable running when these get mixed on the same layout.

The other great attraction of 2mm finescale is the 2mm Scale Association. Founded in 1960, it has a long history of actively supporting modellers in 2FS both via a very refreshing sharing of knowledge, a happy to help attitude and via a huge range of scale specific products available to members from their online shops.

For more details of the 2mm Scale Association and how to join go to: http://www.2mm.org.uk/index.shtml